Want to Write a Cookbook?

The Sober Sous Chef

What’s stopping you?

Time, money, patience, photography, due diligence, design, layout, printing, shipping, distribution, ISBN frustrations, frankly, you have no idea where to even begin!

Not a problem.

The Sober Sous Chef Press is here to help. Well, actually, we’ll write it for you.

Never has a more unique combination of ghostwriters, chefs and publishers collaborated on such a reachable level! You don’t have to be famous, rich or even a good writer to have a cookbook. You just need to get in touch with our Massachusetts based sales office.

Give us some recipes, let us photograph your incredible food porn stars, tell us a story or two about your life, food and whatever else you want in your book. We’ll put together a masterpiece of your making. We’ll ship them to you and you sell them for a remarkable profit! There is literally no easier way to make money. You hardly need to break your grueling routine.

Just think of all of the people who would buy your book. Start with family—they don’t even have a choice. Sold. Next, think of friends. You know, the friends who invite you to their barbecue so they can abandon the grill at exactly the wrong moment, knowing you will rescue dinner. Sold. Now, that’s probably already 40 or 50 copies. That’s $500 profit*.

Next, put a small display on your wait-station at your restaurant. How many regulars do you have? Sold. How many times a week does someone ask you for your clam chowder recipe? Sold. Do you have a website? Put a page on your website and link all of your other pages to it. Sold. Where are we, 150 copies? $1,500*. Profit.

You’re going to need more books. That’s good news. The more books you publish, the greater the profit margin. Don’t you hate how the food distributors charge split case fees? Well, unfortunately, the printing world does too. Set up costs don’t change no matter how many books you print. So, if you purchase more, the costs are distributed and profits climb.

*based on a markup of $10. Actual profits may vary, click here for more information.